About Us

Hello, we’re Turn It 2 Learn It!

Turn It 2 Learn It began in the summer of 2011 with co-founders and mother/daughter team, Sue and Kirsty Lovell. Shortly after, they partnered with Ideas By Nature and began developing a digital media company with special emphasis on creating educational products that promote learning that is entertaining for both kids and parents alike.

Turn It 2 Learn It is a fun and interactive educational organization that brings the joy of learning back to our children. It is our belief that we can build a more solid educational foundation for every child. With our steadfast commitment to education, our top priority today and every day is to make learning fun again!

We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Turn It 2 Learn It and our pioneer digital book “Tickle Stomp!” Emergent readers will be captivated by this delightful and interactive story. We designed “Tickle Stomp!” specifically for the iPad to promote early mental development and reading skills.

Turn It 2 Learn It strives to bring an effective and accessible learning experience to all children through the digital platform of the iPad. Our goal is to bring strength back to the educational system while supporting the values and morals of young individuals as they grow. Our products put education tools back in the hands of parents and their children to develop learning skills early. Turn It 2 Learn It hopes to inspire and ignite the joy of learning that Kirsty and Sue experienced in their own childhood.

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