Kirsty Lovell of Turn It 2 Learn It - CEO

I first came to visit Colorado from England in 1995 and was very excited. My first impression was BIG, BIG and BIG. Big roads, big cars and big cups. I had never seen a “big gulp,” and such big plates of food. WOW! The biggest questions I needed to ask myself when I first considered moving to America was what I would possibly be leaving behind and how was I going to make it happen? I looked at my life and didn't have too much holding me back. So, I sold all I had, packed two suitcases and began the biggest adventure of my life. “Here I come America!”

In the Summer 1996, I started working with my mom cleaning homes. It was good pay and very flexible. I soon moved to waitressing and then bar tending, I always enjoyed being able to work on my own schedule.

By 2000, I’d fallen in love, gotten married and became a mom. Life seemed perfect. Only a few years later, my life had changed again and I became a single mom. With two boys, both under 3 years of age, and no real career, I was scared. Little did I know, a “whole new me” was about to awaken. An energy emerged that I’d never had before. Miss independent.

I started many businesses early on. Some I started on my own and others with my mom, who always believed in me. In 2007 I met a very special person who always believed in Miss independent and continuously supported me on those challenging days. It wasn’t until real estate that I had found something I both loved and was fantastic at. My passion began with fixing-up and selling homes and grew into staging and decorating homes for sale by owners. My first home staging sold in two days! I realized that I had a special key to selling in this terrible market. I then began to teach home-staging as an entirely new business. The love that I developed while teaching opened me up to an entirely new life purpose. That purpose was education in America.

The idea for Turn It 2 Learn It came to me one day while cleaning my son’s room. Make a fun book for kids while helping them to learn at the same time. “Turn something” and “learn something.” I sent my idea for the book to a small publisher and was not successful. Once again, mom to the rescue! Knowing this had to be for today's kids, she went looking for web developers. It didn't take long before we found and partnered with a brilliant company called Ideas by nature. Ideas By Nature brought our vision to life, building a fun and educational product to be used with the modern technology in the iPad. Turn It 2 Learn It is “Education for the next generation.”