Sue Lovell of Turn It 2 Learn - VP

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been “miss independent!” I left home as early as possible in exploration of what the big world had to offer. I came to the United States with a job opportunity to sell vacuums door to door. While not the most glamorous of jobs, it was an opportunity to greatly change my surrounding and I jumped at the chance to move to the US. As one can imagine, you can only knock on doors, selling vacuums for only so long… I needed a new adventure, and fast!

Like my daughter, I began my independent career with cleaning homes. Over the years I dabbled in many different small businesses. One of my more successful business ventures was a garage door company. This was very successful, however like many businesses, if you don’t have the right staff or partner, it can be a never-ending struggle. it was a big gamble to walk away from my company, but I knew there was so much more for me to do here.

It was right around my decision to once again change careers that my daughter had told me about an idea for a children's book. She was then trying to have the book published, when it hit me. This book needs to be one that captures today’s technology, making it more accessible for children to learn. It was then and there decided I would team up with my daughter to make this dream a reality. I went in search of a creative company to put our product together and soon found Ideas By Nature. What a great team we have turned out to be! With our heads together, Turn It 2 Learn It was born, with our first release, “Tickle Stomp!”

Our goal is to make education more fun, more accessible and more successful. Putting the right tools in the hands of our children and parents can make education enjoyable again.