Do You Engage With Your Kids?

Are you one of those parents that finds a little time each week to actually sit down and engage with your children? Are you a parent that believes we should go back to old values, even if for one evening or one day a week.

Sure, we all go to soccer, football and basketball practice, and we cheer and encourage our kids from the sidelines. But how often do you truly make time for one on one interaction with them?

In these days of technology moving faster than the speed of light (well, it sometimes seems that way) our children seem to be missing out on so many simple things. Things that I used to enjoy as a child, no longer seem to exist. Now, while I'm all for technology and all it's wonderful aspects, I'm certainly not for the fact that our children and grandchildren are losing their innocence by being exposed to so much.

So, back to my initial question. Do you engage with your children? How many of you can say with honesty and sincerity that you sit down and do this at least once a week, if not more? How many of you shun technology for one day a week? Probably very few.

So here's what I would love for you to do:-

Set aside one evening or one day a week to be your "Power out Night or Day"


Set aside that time to talk to your children, to listen to them, and I mean LISTEN!

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

-Sue Lovell