Snow, Snow, Snow.

Yes, that's right. It snowed today, first time this October 5th 2012

I certainly admire all you snow boarders, skiers, bob-sledders, snowmobilers and any other sport that's snow related. For many years I've had an aversion to cold weather and more importantly an aversion to snow. That may have something to do with the fact that I was raised in the UK and had to tolerate cold and wind on a frequent basis. My skin really resents cold weather and it lets me know by getting sore and dry and really uncomfortable. I actually hate even having clothes close to my skin because it is quite painful. I am without any shadow of a doubt much better suited to a more temperate clime or even somewhere that's dry and hot. Although anything over 90 is also more than enough for me most of the time.

So when I discovered the wonderful warm weather here in Colorado, there was literally no turning back. I will never forget the adventure that came my way back in November of 1991. I had left behind a cold, blustery and rainy day and longed for the extremely long plane ride to come to an end to eagerly see what awaited me when I disembarked. My vision of the old Wild West was not quite what I expected when I walked through the customs check at Stapleton Airport. There were no cowboys in Large Stetson hats or no Indians wearing a feathered headdress or war bonnet. I wasn't surprised that there were none in the airport or at least none that I could recognize at being one or the other. But I was dismayed that whilst driving around the Denver Metro area I saw nothing that resembled the old west in any way, shape or form. Now while I was growing up the only reference I had to go by was "The Lone Ranger" and since we don't learn about a specific area of the United States in schools and that most of our History lessons were primarily about the world in general, I only had Kemo Sabe and Tonto to go with. But wait! Come the middle of January, the town was now inundated with Stetson wearing men, now were they real cowboys or are they just dressed up for the part they play when visited the The National Western Stock Show. One will never know if these are true cowboys or not. So I guess the only way to know a real one is to find out their ancestry or go visit a farm somewhere, but where?

I will admit to going snowmobiling on the odd occasion and initially I quite enjoyed it. That very first experience was actually very exciting. Well for one thing I was much younger and had a little less fear, and two, it was blazingly warm that day and three of the roads around the mountain were mostly wide open and we all had a blast going over those big bumps or whatever it is they are called. However, the second and third experiences were nowhere near as enjoyable. Mainly because it was freezing cold and like I said, I hate the cold. Also it was snowing so badly that I could barely see where I was going so naturally I was going slower than I had in the past. Add to that the fact that somewhere along the way my grandson decided to sit on my mobile with me and sat in front, so I literally had no chance of getting through this without a mishap. So there I was doodling along through this narrow path in the forest, with barely enough room to get the machine through those trees, which seemed to be everywhere by the way and as I maneuvered around a bend I went smack into a tree with a huge "bbbooooffff" Save to say I was Ok as was my poor grandson "What was grandma thinking” I'm sure was a topic of conversation over the next few days. I was also amazed at how the snowmobile faired; there was not a mark on it. Yet I was thinking I would have to cough up some dough by the end of the day. Those machines are as tough as old boots and more.

Alas my snowmobiling days are now over and I look forward to laying on the beach or sailing in a yacht in some far off land where the waters are warm, the weather is warmer and the locals have nothing to do but spend some time getting to know you. This I feel is more suited to me at this stage in my life.

And for those of you who have never been to Colorado, I can highly recommend it because those really cold days are very few and far between. Denver is indeed a great place to live, work and enjoy a fabulous lifestyle all year round.