Turn It 2 Learn It, child education and entertainment company, officially launches their long awaited digital debut, “Tickle Stomp!” for the iPad.

Mother and daughter team, Sue and Kirsty Lovell are excited to announce the launch of their first digital children’s book, “Tickle Stomp!” This release is the 1st of many educational and interactive tales and games for children by Turn It 2 Learn It. The iPad application will offer an educational alternative to the many games available on mobile devices for children. “Our goal is to bring strength back to the education system while supporting the value and morals of young individuals as they grow.” Turn It 2 Learn It will take children though an interactive story book, with or without narration, adapting to the child’s reading abilities as they progress. “Turn It 2 Learn It hopes to inspire and ignite the joy of learning that Kirsty and I experienced in our childhood” says cofounder and mother, Sue Lovell.

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