Download “Tickle Stomp!” for the iPad - by Turn It 2 Learn It

Your child will help the Turner Crew, a fun and unique cast of characters, to solve the mystery of Miss Moo’s Missing Moo in “Tickle Stomp!” This fun digital story will help improve your child’s learning and reading skills, all in a fun and engaging environment. “Tickle Stomp” provides a dynamic learning environment for any child. Whether it’s reading your first full story, or learning to read all together “Tickle Stomp!” is the ideal tool to jump start any young reader’s passion for learning.

  • Encourages reading and motor skills development at a young age.
  • Packed full of games and activities specifically created to promote learning.
  • Sound, Volume and Narration settings allow you to choose between having the book read to you, and reading it yourself.
  • Easy for a toddler to use, but still fun and engaging for parents.

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The Turner - finger puppet and reading tool

Get the Miss Moo Turner today -- A revolutionary iPad stylus for kids!Introducing the Miss Moo Turner! What makes the Turner finger puppet so unique is its ability to be used with the “Tickle Stomp!” app to literally turn the page. Made with a conductive fabric, the Miss Moo Turner can be worn by child or parent to even further capture the attention and imagination of the young reader. Having the Miss Moo character as a tangible / wearable item and toy keeps reading fresh in the minds of children, creating a helpful connection between the puppet, reading and learning. Miss Moo literally jumps off the page and pulls your child into the story!

Pricing - $4.99 (plus shipping)

  • Created with conductive fabric, which allows it to work on all touchscreen devices.
  • Fitted with an elastic band, so one size fits all, even mom or dad!
  • Keeps your iPad clean and sanitized from harmful germs
  • Machine washable.

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Turn It 2 Learn It T-Shirts

Be a part of the Mooovement! - Stylish, 100% Cotton shirts by Turn It 2 Learn It.For both boys and girls, mom and dad, the Turn It 2 Learn It T-Shirt is a great way to show your love for reading, learning and Turn It 2 Learn It. Be part of a brand that strives to educate and support the important values of our youth. Turn It 2 Learn It families are a unique and forward thinking bunch. Show your support for making education fun again!

Pricing - $13.99 (plus shipping), $14.99 for XL

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable

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Turner finger puppets of the entire cast of “Tickle Stomp!” Collect all 5 characters of the Turner Crew.